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Residents Air Opinions on Trump Chant to Canton Board of Education

March 8, 2017 Community, Schools No Comments

Canton plays Classical earlier this year (This is not the night of the alleged incident).

By John Fitts 

Several parents spoke out Tuesday about the “Trump” chant controversy, while superintendent Kevin D. Case disclosed that additional comments were made during the recent basketball game.

On Tuesday, Feb. 28 Hartford-based Classical Magnet School visited Canton High School and squeaked out a 48-47 win in the NCCC Tournament semifinal.

During the game, according to school administrators, a small group of student spectators chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” while Classical players were on the free-throw line.

School administrators quickly condemned the action, and particularly the tone of the comments, as being divisive and crossing a line.

At the Board of Education Tuesday, several parents continued the debate over the context of such comments. 

Some residents said they were deeply troubled and called it racially tinged, while others reiterated their argument that the students were showing patriotism for the costume night themed game.

Superintendent Kevin D. Case stayed firm in his assertion that the actions were inappropriate.

“It also has come to light during our investigation that some other phrases were being used,” he said. “These phrases were intimidating and they were disrespectful to the people that heard them.”

Case said he would not be disclosing the nature of any potential discipline but would be updating the board and the public on way’s the district will use the incident as a “teachable moment.”

The board meeting took place after the deadline for the weekly Valley Press newspaper. However, we have many more perspectives in this week’s paper, including comments from the Classical coach Reggie Tucker, himself a Canton High School graduate and some efforts on behalf of staff and students to reach out to Classical. Several Canton students, including a trip to Hartford see Classical vs. SMSA in an NCCC Tournament final. We will also include more about the meeting in next week’s paper. Check your mailbox or visit http://www.turleyct.com/valley-press.html.


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