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Images of Canton: Bristol’s Farm Gets into Swing of the Season

By John Fitts

CANTON — Now in his fourth season back at his family farm, Josh Bristol feels he is truly home.

“I’m planning on sinking my roots here,” he said. “It’s the right place for me to be.”

The Bristol family has been farming – or leasing – the land along Route 44 in Canton since the late 1800s.

Josh Bristol, a 2004 graduate of Canton High School, worked in the theater industry for several years but kept thinking of getting back to the farm, where he spent many, many hours while growing up. Initially the timing wasn’t right but the exit of one of the tenant farmers and the fact that those remaining didn’t want to run the store put the plan in motion. The 2013 death of his grandfather and long-time farmer, David A. Bristol Sr., along with the fact that his contract at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven was coming to an end, cemented the decision. Josh Bristol decided to try it for a year.

“After that I kind of kept going,” Bristol said, adding that he bought a home in town. “It’s the right place for me to be.”

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of just watching something grow and kind of nuturing it through,” Bristol added. “It’s always a good thought at the end of the day that people are taking all this food I grow home and feeding their families with it. I always say there’s just something primal about farming. There’s just something deep down in my primitive brain that’s just like this a good thing to be doing; this is something you should be doing.” … Continue Reading

On the Road Bookshop Celebrates 40 Years

May 16, 2016 Business No Comments

By John Fitts

CANTON – For 40 years, On the Road Bookshop has sat along the town’s busiest thoroughfare but somehow it still seems a hidden treasure.

Some long-time residents seem unaware of the store but during the latter part of each week you’ll find owner Susan D. Grzyb, her trusty lab mix sidekick Brock, and more than 6,000 books to browse. Titles cover a vast range of subjects and categories such as literature, art, history, poetry, cooking, biographies, philosophy, travel and sports.

“Books endure because of their mystique, but also for a more practical reason,” said owner Susan D. Grzyb. “Books haven’t changed since Gutenberg 600 years ago because the design and functionality can’t really be improved upon.” … Continue Reading

Canton Chamber of Commerce Seeks Golfers and Sponsors for Annual Golf Tournament

Simsbury Farms Golf Course. Submitted Photo

Simsbury Farms Golf Course.
Submitted Photo

A portion of proceeds to benefit scholarship fund for Canton High School Seniors

Submitted Release 

The Canton Chamber is pleased to announce its 23rd annual Golf Tournament, being held on Monday, June 6 at Simsbury Farms Golf Course in West Simsbury. The tournament is open to the public and a portion of the proceeds fund the Chamber’s annual scholarships to Canton High School seniors seeking higher education in business or pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Registration and the putting contest begin at 10:30 am. Lunch is at 11 am and the shotgun scramble tee off is at 12 pm. The post-play reception begins at 5 pm, followed by dinner and awards. The tournament fee is $170 per person or $680 for a foursome, which includes lunch, dinner, golf cart and beer on the course. … Continue Reading

The Outlet at Canton Village to Open Wednesday Morning

May 10, 2016 Business No Comments
A few of the items offered at The Outlet in Canton Village. Photo by John Fitts

A few of the items offered at The Outlet in Canton Village.
Photo by John Fitts

By John Fitts

The Outlet at Canton Village, a retailer of discounted groceries and more, plans to open Wednesday morning, said Rich Depault, store general manager and Canton resident.

Located in Canton Village at 220 Albany Turnpike between Valley Chimney Sweep and the UPS Store, The Outlet will offer items such as groceries, health and beauty products, pet food and supplies, frozen foods, dairy and produce.

The Outlet, which operates a larger store in Southington, sells items at a discount by purchasing items other stores reject due to factors such as limited shelf life, overstock or cosmetic imperfections, Depault said. … Continue Reading

Luna Pizza, Corey Rieman Debut Under 21 Open Mic

SIMSBURY — There’s numerous open mic events in the Farmington Valley but a new once-a-month offering at Luna Pizza specifically caters to youth under the age of 21.

“We want to be an outlet for young musicians and artists,” said host Corey Rieman, who hosted the first event earlier this month.  … Continue Reading

Computing Corner: The Ransomware Virus

Ran Eytan

Ran Eytan

By Ran Eytan

We all know it is essential to perform regular backup of our computer data. The consequences of not doing so, can be drastic. Read on to find out more…

This story of a recent experience should serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of backing up data.

A week or so ago, I got a computer from a customer with the Ransomware  virus. The damage it had caused was so bad that it had infiltrated the computer and encrypted all files and data, including pictures, documents, music video and mail. Every time I attempted to open the files or perform any basic function, it gave the same message that all the file were  damaged. The message stated clearly that the initial cost to release the encryption was $500 providing it was paid within the next 120 hours. After that time, the price would go up to $1000. On top of that, the message warned that if the payment was not made within two weeks, there would no longer be any chance to remove the permanent encryption.

My advice to the customer was not to pay the money and somehow come to terms with the loss of the material. Her viewpoint was that the data was so important to her that she was ready to pay. With her decision made, she asked me to take care of the money transfer on her behalf. … Continue Reading

Sam Collins Day Nixed for 2016

April 28, 2016 Business, Community No Comments
Svetlana and Mark Bettera at the La Trattoria Food Court booth at the 2014 Sam Collins Day. Photo by John Fitts

Svetlana and Mark Bettera at the La Trattoria Food Court booth at the 2014 Sam Collins Day.
Photo by John Fitts

Focus on Canton Will Host a September Walk for Food and Fuel on the Traditional Event Weekend

By John Fitts

Sam Collins Day will be on “hiatus” for 2016, according to event organizers.

Last year marked the 21st annual event for the business expo and community fair. It included business tents, community organization booths, a Taste of Canton, art demonstrations, live music, children’s games and more. The bulk of the activities took place at the Canton Volunteer Fire Department Inc. field on Canton Springs Road, with additional events in downtown Collinsville.

Rina Pane, Treasurer of the Sam Collins Day committee, said the decreased participation and attendance in 2015 was the driving factor in canceling the event this year.

“It’s not happening this year due to a drop off in attendance and participation from the business community, which historically carried much of the cost – in their own best interests,” Pane said “We’re concerned about the Connecticut economy and how the affects our participants.”

Named after the founder of the now defunct Collins Company, the event was sponsored by the Canton Chamber of Commerce, Canton Lions Club, Rotary Club of Avon-Canton and the town.

While the crowds in 2015 were down, Sam Collins Day Committee chairwoman Mary Tomolonius said event attendance has been good in the past and she expects it will return in a revamped form.

“More than likely the event will happen again in 2017,” Tomolonius said. … Continue Reading

The Outlet Looks to Offer Wide Variety of Items at Low Prices

April 22, 2016 Business No Comments

12932919_619049011577465_746651465262026899_n-2By John Fitts 

CANTON – The Outlet at Canton Village won’t likely meet all your weekly grocery needs but its owners say customers will save big on grocery staples, teas and coffees, vacuum packed meats, dairy items, produce and more.

“We strive to be 35 to 40 percent less than the competition,” said store general manager and Canton resident Rich Depault.

Depault wasn’t quite ready to lock in on an opening date but said it would be very soon.

The Outlet, which already operates a Southington location, carries a wide variety of items, including organic and gluten-free options, all at low prices, Depault said.

He said the prices will beat grocery stores, other discount outlets and even large warehouse chains. To get there, The Outlet purchases items other stores reject due to factors such as short code (short-term expiration dates) or salvage (dented cans, etc.)

Depault said the store gets its products from major suppliers, including ones that serve Whole Foods and other major chains. … Continue Reading

The Village Cafe and Bistro Now Offers Dinner 5 Nights a Week, Will Soon Debut Expanded Dining Area

April 22, 2016 Business No Comments

By John Fitts

CANTON – The Village Cafe and Bistro is taking a multi-pronged approach the concept of expansion.

Just two weeks ago, chef/owner Steven Day went from offering dinner two nights a week to five and the restaurant is now open until 9 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

“So many restaurants are closed on Mondays,” Day said. “I figured we’d take advantage of Monday.” … Continue Reading

The Outlet at Canton Village Looks to Open this Month

April 13, 2016 Business No Comments

12932919_619049011577465_746651465262026899_n-2The Outlet at Canton Village, 220 Albany Turnpike, is set to open this month, according to a post on the company’s facebook page.

The store will be located in the space formerly occupied by New England Appliance, which is now at 261 Albany Turnpike

The Outlet, according to the post, will carry “a variety of Gourmet Foods, Organic Foods, Frozen, Dairy, and Produce, all at great discounted prices.”

Hours are slated to be:
Tuesday: noon to 7pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The store’s parent company, Reverse Solutions, also operates a Southington location. Canton Compass has left numerous messages seeking more information but company officials have not yet returned the calls. One employee indicated that they were waiting for a specific opening date before sharing more information.

Follow updates on the company’s facebook page.


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