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Letter to the Editor: Reader Supports a New Town Garage Off the River Site

To the Editor:

I support the relocation of the town garage to an off river site.  The Town Plan of Conservation and Development, The Upper Mill Pond Management Plan, The Permanent Municipal Building Committee and the Canton Conservation Commission have all recommended getting the garage off the river.  The present site is perfectly suited for recreational development and there are viable alternatives to accommodate our much needed town garage such as the commercially zoned area on Commerce Dr.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: There is Little Frontage for Public Recreation on Farmington River

October 17, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

Canton has a 7-mile stretch of the Farmington River between New Hartford and Burlington. The town owns about 1,600 feet of that frontage, most of it devoted to the town garage and the sewer plant. There is little frontage for public recreation. The fact that the town garage is currently on the river is not a compelling reason for keeping it there. The garage can be workable on any number of other sites. Farmington River frontage owned by the public as parkland would open it up for boat launching, public celebrations, picnicking. It could be a place where residents go simply to enjoy the view, to congratulate themselves for choosing a town with such a beautiful public amenity. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Good Government Changes Its Plans When Facts Change

To the Editor: 

In a cacophony of recent Scolding Letters NotOnOurRiverPAC supporters have clucked and brayed that rebuilding Canton’s DPW Garage where it already is “violates years of planning” including the Upper Collinsville Mill Pond Master Plan (UCMPMP) which they claim enjoyed broad public input and support. Their claims are not factually correct.

… Continue Reading

Letter to Editor: Collinsville Historic District Commission Members Oppose Building the Town Garage on 50 River Road

To the Editor:

The Collinsville Historic District Commission recognizes the urgent need for a new facility for the Department of Public Works but it is concerned with the impact the project will have on the historic character of the town if the project is built on the 50 River Road site. This location seems to be a compromise solution that deprives DPW of the larger facility needed and proposed for other sites while introducing a modern industrial building unlike any other in Collinsville. The proposed metal building will not be sympathetic with the town’s 19th century origins and will be a jarring interruption of the natural beauty of the river scape. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Resident Remains Unconvinced That Rebuilding Garage at Current Location is the Best Option

To the Editor:

I recently returned from a brief trip to coastal North Carolina and Virginia.  To date, I have not seen the following issue addressed in the discussion over where to place Canton’s Town Garage.  How many Canton residents viewed the recent scenes of devastation from North Carolina and Virginia following last week’s Hurricane Matthew, a storm that was supposed to hit South Carolina and then “blow out to sea?”  Has anyone considered what might happen to a rebuilt garage on the Farmington River should such an event occur here?   … Continue Reading

Selectmen Defer Decision on Cherry Brook Grange Building

October 13, 2016 Community, Government No Comments

By John Fitts

CANTON – The Board of Selectmen on Thursday night delayed a decision on whether to make a long-term commitment to rehabilitating the Cherry Brook Grange building in North Canton.

Specifically, the board “tabled” until its next meeting, a decision on whether to enter into a non-exclusive license agreement with Boy Scout Troop 177. The Scouts, with the help of some local business partners, are willing to put a significant amount of work into the building, valued at approximately $37,609.84. In turn they would reserve the building for meetings and special events. At other times, it would be open for other uses and organizations.

Woody Mather, chairman of Boy Scout Troop 177, said the facility would be an optimal place for the scouts to meet, since its space allows for several concurrent activities at once and is more conducive than the Community Center. Other scout groups are also interested in using the facility, he said.

“We wanted a place to meet but we also felt collectively that where was definite need in town – even more so geographically at that end of town,” Mather said. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Resident Encourages a ‘No’ Vote

To the Editor:

I encourage my fellow citizens in Canton to vote against the current referendum.  Yes, we need a new Town Garage, but let’s follow the vision for town development that many worked so hard to create.  Rebuilding the garage in its current location along the river is inconsistent with that vision and the wrong location.

There have been three separate studies conducted on behalf of the Town of Canton that do not support replacing the garage on the river.  The first two affirmatively support recreational use for this location on the river – Canton’s Plan of Conservation and Development and the Upper Mill Pond Development Plan.  In addition, the Town’s Permanent Municipal Building Committee argued against building the garage on the river and identified several alternative sites. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding the Garage at Its Current Location Violates Canton’s Vision of the Future

To the Editor:

A riverfront is a one-time natural gift and should be treated as such. This November, the voters of Canton have the opportunity and the obligation to enforce our town’s commitment to preserving our greatest natural gift, Canton’s riverfront.

As required by Connecticut General Statutes §8-23, Canton has adopted a Plan of Conservation and Development (“POCD”).  The POCD is our blueprint for Canton’s development, and it unequivocally preserves our riverfront for recreation, open space, and economic revitalization. Rebuilding the town garage at its current location would violate the POCD.  It also would conflict with the Upper Mills Pond Management Plan (the “Plan”).  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Watershed Association Weighs in on Public Works Facility Plan

To the Editor:

The argument for re-building the Canton town garage on a mound at its existing location goes something like this:  No other site is presently available, affordable, and acceptable; using the current site is the cheapest alternative, it’s technically feasible, and conforms to the letter (at least) of regulations about building on floodplains;  the garage staff should have a better facility; and not least, people are tired of this issue, and it could be resolved with a referendum vote in November. … Continue Reading

Fixing, Updating Cherry Brook Grange Building Could Cost the Town More than $100,000

October 11, 2016 Community, Government No Comments

By John Fitts 

NORTH CANTON — On Thursday, selectmen will discuss how – and potentially even if – to proceed with repairs at the Cherry Brook Grange Building.

In September of 2013,  members of the dissolved Cherry Brook Patrons of Husbandry Grange #210, formally signed the building over to the town for community, government and civic use.

The building was in need of much repair and since the town took it over, several community organizations have donated funds to help repair the building, covering costs such as asbestos tile removal, well pump repair and a new septic tank. The town has also already budget $10,000 for roof repairs.

This week, the Board of Selectmen will discuss the issues at the building and Boy Scout Troop 177’s desire to help rehabilitate and use the building.

… Continue Reading


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