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Letter to the Editor: Nobody Wants to Make a Trip to a Beautiful Place to See a Garage

To the Editor:
I spoke at the referendum meeting and here is the summary of what I had to say about the idea of making the river front property the place for the new town garage.
I have been a resident of Canton since 1997.  I used to come out here to visit my friend frequently.  My wife and I liked it out here so much we bought their house and raised our children.  The reason we came here was because of how beautiful it was out here.  It is even considered a state scenic area.  We lived in Hartford for years and would come out here to escape Hartford and visit a beautiful place.  I know that people from all over come here for the scenery and to visit Collinsville and some bring their canoes and kayaks and water boards.

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Letter to the Editor: Address the Elephant, Please

To the editor:

Address the Elephant, Please

Why haven’t the Selectmen let the experts on the Building Committee review the proposed plan?

The BOS has had plenty of time to make the request.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Canton Citizens Aren’t Clueless Clients

To the Editor:

Most readers likely agree with me that November 9-–and the end of the screamfest–can’t come soon enough. Canton Compass has enjoyed an abundance of submitted letters like this one and now revenue-paying “Pop-Up Ads” like those from Not On Our River PAC (NOOR) that ask incredulously: “Why Won’t Our Town Listen To Its Own Experts?”

Letters and the mailer from NOOR similarly are prefaced with a preachment that we should “Listen to the EXPERTS.” They then parade out a “Who’s Who Of Local Has-Beens” whose EXPERT pronouncements must be obeyed or Canton will perish from the Earth. This is propaganda in its final shrill crescendo.

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To the Editor: Listen to the Experts – Vote No on the Garage Referendum

To the Editor:

We urge Canton voters to vote NO on the town garage referendum next Tuesday.  Many opinions have been posted on this valuable forum.  Those best supported by expertise are those voiced by the members of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee (“PMBC”).   … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Obvious Economic and Environmental Linkage in Rebuilding on River

To the Editor:

There is an obvious negative economic and environmental linkage between attracting developers for the Collinsville Ax Factory site and rebuilding the public works garage on the Farmington River. If I were a successful developer with deep pockets looking to invest in a project like the Collins Company on the beautiful Farmington River, I would be put off to note that the Ax Factory site was within a town whose citizenry and some of its leaders were willing to endanger that river and despoil its frontage just upstream of my development. I might very well take my money elsewhere.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: We Still Have Time to Get This Right

To the Editor:

For almost 30 years, Canton has planned for a future with a reclaimed Farmington River waterfront as catalyst for the economic, social and environmental vitality of our community. The need for a new Town Garage and a new location for it off the river first appeared in Canton’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) in 1989. This goal has figured prominently in the town’s deliberations and planning since then and was recently re-affirmed in the updated 2014-2024 POCD, adopted after two years of work by a diverse group of civic leaders and community citizens. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Shortsighted Decisions Last A Lifetime: Vote No

To the Editor:

The proposal to rebuild the town garage on Old River Road is shortsighted, irresponsible, and will only hurt the town in the long term.

Sadly, we realize that not all voters care about the long-term viability of this town. As third and fourth generation residents of Canton planning to raise a family here, we do. … Continue Reading

Images of Canton: Emergency Planning and Preparedness Initiative


On Wednesday, Canton officials and department heads participated in the 2016 Statewide Governor’s Emergency Planning and Preparedness Initiative Exercise.

On Wednesday, Canton officials and department heads participated in the 2016 Statewide Governor’s Emergency Planning and Preparedness Initiative Exercise, which centered around a prolonged ice storm.

Participants reviewed the town’s Emergency Center Operations, Mutual Aid partnerships, notification systems, equipment resources and shelter capabilities – and discussed the town’s policies and practices before, during and following such an event. … Continue Reading

First Selectman’s Corner: A Special Piece of Canton History

Leslee Hill

Leslee B. Hill

Dear Residents,

As we look forward to Veterans’ Day on November 11th, I wanted to share with you some news regarding a special piece of Canton history.   Many Canton residents may remember the former Collins Memorial Library building on Center Street.  This building was paid for by Mrs. Howard Collins (Helen), widow of Samuel Collins’ son, on land donated to the Canton Soldiers Memorial Association by Jasper Bidwell.  Mr. Bidwell was Canton’s first Civil War volunteer, and the library was built in memory of Canton’s soldiers and sailors, and was dedicated on Veterans’ Day, 1920.  Two bronze plaques were installed on the library; one was in memory of Howard Collins, and the other was dedicated to Canton veterans.  When the new library opened in 2000, the plaques were removed and put into storage in the Margaret “Peg” Perry History Room.

Recently, David Leff, our Town Historian, brought to my attention the existence of these plaques and their historical significance.  He suggested the Veterans’ Memorial plaque be installed in a prominent location in town, and rededicated.   We chose a site at the base of the flag pole at the edge of the Town Hall parking lot, in front of the Board of Education offices.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: HUD Moves To Protect Taxpayer Investments, One Foot Not Enough

To the Editor:

Recent changes proposed for Federal floodplain protection reinforce that the garage proposal on the November ballot should be rejected. If the referendum is approved you can expect that the project will cost more than currently proposed to be consistent with the Federal requirements or offer less protection than deemed prudent by State and Federal experts resulting in greater risk of flooding and increased insurance costs. … Continue Reading


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