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Letter to the Editor: We need a 21st Century Facility

To the Editor,

I will be voting “No” on the Town of Canton Referendum question to build a new town garage at the current location on the Farmington River. I believe that it is fiscally prudent to build a new facility that meets the needs of the town for decades to come. I voted “Yes” in the last two referenda, so I never had an issue with either the price or the size of those proposals. We need a 21st century facility, and the PMBC worked long and hard to come up with the best options. The current DPW employees deserve a modern facility and so do future employees. … Continue Reading

Commission Continues Public Hearing on Proposal for Permanent Lights at High School Track and Field Facility

Musco lighting says this photo of lights in New Milford illustrates the focused nature of LED lighting. In the foreground is a working observatory. Photo courtesy of Musco Lighting.

Musco lighting says this photo of lights in New Milford illustrates the focused nature of modern LED lighting. In the foreground is a working observatory.
Photo courtesy of Musco Lighting.

By John Fitts 

CANTON — On Wednesday, the Planning and Zoning Commission heard varying opinions about a proposal for permanent lighting at the high school track and field facility but ultimately continued its public hearing until Nov. 16.

The school district is seeking a special permit use, special permit and site plan modification that would allow four 80-foot poles with dimmable LED lighting at the facility, school officials said. Light spillage is extremely well controlled with the new technology, according to school officials and

Essentially the commission can create a special standard for the facility that is outside the normal parameters of lighting in town while balancing community concerns. Members said it would have no bearing on future proposals.

“The commission should be cognizant of the wide range of public interests served by this type of municipal facility which should be balanced against the interests of single family residences that live in close proximity to this facility,” Neil S. Pade, Director of Planning and Community Development wrote in a memo on the proposal.

The district has proposed that the lights would be turned off by 10 p.m. except on rare occasion, by 11:30 p.m. School officials said the norm would be earlier, more like 8 to 8:30 p.m. The district is also proposing consideration for up to two overnight community events per year. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: It’s Time to Support Those That Unwaveringly Support You

To the Editor:

After reviewing the scores of letters circulating around town as well as many distorted truths, I feel it’s my duty to the community that my family and I call home to cut through the propaganda and provide voters with the facts while they contemplate this extremely important referendum.  The reality is that this comes down to emotional ideals versus facts.

Yes, the riverbank was never the most ideal site to locate a town garage if we could start from scratch today but the truth is, if we can’t support moving a <$4mm garage in decades, how can we purport voters will ever get behind spending an estimated $30mm+ to move the sewage treatment facility to create this proposed utopia along a few acres of riverfront boxed in by River Road and other businesses that will never relocate?  We chose to locate all our municipal infrastructure in this location long before residential neighborhoods filled the rest of the open space in town.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Yes, the River Level is Low

To the Editor,

The comment that “we need to do something about the river” coming from a novice Selectman are not surprising.  He cites not being able to swim across the river, he brings low water level plant material to meetings and he talks about dredging.  Has he missed the fact that our region is in a serious drought?   Has he not heard government pleas to reduce water usage?

Has he considered that our coldest winter for the last ten years is much warmer than the average of thirty years ago?  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Likely the Most Practical Solution

November 1, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

I am not a member of Canton GOES and although I reside on Gracey Road I am fairly certain I am not one of those Chablis swilling elites.

I am not a member of NOOR but I remember when Mr. Barlow appreciated Mr. First being a loyal mouthpiece. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: New Garage at Riverside Site is In the Town’s Worst Interests

To the Editor:

I am compelled by my responsibilities as a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee for over twelve years, to say that building a new garage on the current riverside site is in the worst interest of both Canton’s taxpayers and Public Works employees.

The Building Committee emphatically urges against rebuilding here. You can read the list of reasons why in our memo to the BOS, but just these two should be enough: … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Despite ‘Canton GOES’ Assertions, Town is to Blame for 11th Hour Comments

To the Editor:

The Town has finally replied via the Canton Compass to one of the “11th hour” comments made by concerned citizens at the Town meeting held last Wednesday to discuss the garage referendum scheduled for the Nov. 8th ballot.

Oh, you didn’t see it?

That’s because under the State Election Regulatory Commission (SERC) rules, the Town is prohibited from advocating for any question scheduled to be voted on at a town referendum once the ballot has been set.

Their mouthpiece is the PAC “Canton GOES.” … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Cannot Support Compromised Facility at Existing Site

To the Editor:  

I have been a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee for the past seventeen years. The past eight to ten years have been primarily devoted to finding the best solution/location for a new Town Garage. I find it numbing that the Selectmen would totally ignore and circumvent the recommendations of the PMBC primarily “to put this issue to bed”.  Although I understand the desperate need for a new Town Garage, I cannot support building a compromised facility at the existing site. There are better solutions available. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Be Fooled Again

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the Canton Compass, Brian First incorrectly asserted that the PAC “Not On Our River” prefers the Cadle/Mitchell VW property on Route 44 as the alternate location for the garage. “Not On Our River” is NOT supporting any particular alternate location – it supports defeating the referendum because the Farmington River is the worst location for the garage  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: We Do Not Want Our Garage on Our River

To the Editor:

It is a matter of record that part of the proposal for the new town garage is to raise the structure by one (1) foot to bring it above the 100 year flood plain. At the informational meeting on Oct. 26th I asked if anyone knew what the high water mark for the flood of “55” was, none of the board of selectmen knew; Mr. Barlow was kind enough to enlighten everyone, thank you Richard. Water from the Farmington rose to near the peak of the building that is now Dent-fix at the intersection of Maple Ave. and River Rd., this being the case do you think Mother Nature will avoid our garage the next time around? … Continue Reading


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