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Letter: Canton Food Bank Thanks Supporters

December 23, 2014 Community, Nonprofits, Opinion No Comments

The Canton Food Bank would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and organizations who so generously donate food and/or money throughout the year. We rely on nonperishable food items to keep the Food Bank shelves full. Monetary donations provide the Food Bank with funds to buy perishable items such as meat, eggs, cheese and produce which are given out each week along with the non-perishable items. Thanks to you, the Food Bank has been able to assist an average of 120 Canton residents each week, providing them with 3 days-worth of meals every week. … Continue Reading

Letter: Season’s Greetings and Gratitude From the Collinsville Farmers Market Committee

December 23, 2014 Community, Opinion No Comments

CFM Veggie Logo smallTo the Editor

The Collinsville Farmers Market extends Season’s Greetings and gratitude to all our customers.

The volunteers, vendors and musicians work together, with assistance from the Town of Canton and the Collinsville merchants, to provide a bountiful weekly harvest, but our success is not possible without our loyal patrons. … Continue Reading

Amla’s Aha Moments: Musical Bingo

December 21, 2014 Community, Opinion, Schools No Comments
Amla Mehta.  Photo by John Fitts

Amla Mehta.
Photo by John Fitts

My name is Amla Mehta and I graduated from Canton High School in 1992.  On Valentines’ Day, 1990,  I was diagnosed with a rare eye disorder, called Gyrate Atrophy.  Gyrate Atrophy causes blindness between the ages of 45 and 55. 

I am writing about the struggles that I have encountered throughout my personal journey. In a series of articles for Canton Compass, I will write about the facing the diagnosis, other challenges and how I have learned to unconditionally accept myself despite the struggles. 


It was 1986, and I was a sixth grader at the former Canton Middle school, in Canton, CT. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved singing my own melodies and tunes. I would often hum along to sacred tribal rhythms. When I sang it was like I was in a psychedelic vortex; I was hooked into a trance, and sometimes made up my own funky dance. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: Understanding the Legislative Process

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

We are just weeks away from the start of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Legislative Session. It’s the time of year when new ideas abound and state lawmakers work furiously to address a wide variety of concerns across Connecticut. While the session can be a busy time, it also follows a very well defined process. Understanding this process is key to understanding how government works – and, more importantly, how we can work together to better Connecticut.

The Basics

The General Assembly is made up of 36 members in the State Senate and 151 in the House of Representatives. The legislative branch also has 27 different committees which lawmakers are appointed to. In my case, I was appointed to serve on the following committees for this session: General Law, Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Legislative Management, and Regulations Review. Each committee is responsible for examining bills in different categories and fine tuning legislative proposals before they make it to the floor of the House and Senate for a vote. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: No More Coins Under the Sofa Cushions

State Sen. Kevin Witkos

State Sen. Kevin Witkos

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

The state budget is out of control. Overspending has sucked our operating funds dry and pushed state officials to desperate measures, shaking their piggy banks empty and flipping the proverbial sofa cushions on a hunt for spare change. Recent reporting from the governor’s own budget director indicates that our state has now entered into “permanent fiscal crisis,” and there’s nothing left to scrape up to pay our bills.

The situation is serious, but the first and most important step in getting our finances back on track is getting our state leaders to stop living in a fantasyland. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: Energizing the Spirit of Giving

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

The holiday season is officially here! It’s a time of celebration, appreciation and also an important time to give back to others.

While we all have much to be thankful for in this great country, poverty and hardship are still a sad part of everyday life for many. And when the holidays hit, and winter approaches, these issues are often brought to the forefront of the conversation. In each and every community there are people who need help, and there are also those who understand that and work very hard to give back. I am constantly inspired by the amazing individuals and non-profit organizations that dedicate themselves fully and completely to help others, especially in our own community. Now is the time of year to not only give back, but also to recognize those who do so on a daily basis. … Continue Reading

Canton Real Estate Notes: What is For Sale as of Dec. 1

David Sinish

David Sinish

Submitted by David Sinish

Most of the Real Estate news that we hear and read is on a national basis. That certainly is designed to get our attention, but is it pertinent to us?   What really matters is what is going on in Canton and our neighboring towns. It has long been said that the real estate market is local, and that is very true

Here is the local news.  

What is For Sale in Canton, as of December 1st, and how does that compare with last month, last year? How many, in which price range?

As of 12/1/2014 there were 89 Single Family Homes listed FOR SALE in Canton, Down 3% from last month, and UP 3% from 12/1/2013. Included within the 12/1/2014 numbers are 17 properties identified as “lots or” being built””.

PRICE RANGE                        NUMBER

<$200,000                             5

$200,000s                             19

$300,000’s                           19

$400,000’s                            9

$500,000’s                            13

>600,000’s                            24

Total                                       89

There also 21 Condominiums for Sale and 6 Residential Rental Units listed on the MLS.

The November sales results will be finalized about the 12th of December. Look for those results in the “Canton Real Estate Notes”

The number of homes for sale in Avon, Barkhamsted, Burllington, Canton, Farmington, Granby, New Hartford and Simsbury were 754 as of December 1, 201, 4 decreases from the 881 as of November 1, 2014, and the 920 as of October 1 2014.

These statistics are based on information provided to and compiled by the Connecticut Multiple Listings Service, Inc. as of 12/1/2014.

A Seasonal Note

At this time of year many folks are thinking of not listing their properties until the Spring, not expecting a sale during the Winter. Something to consider is that during the winter there are less homes for sale so when a buyer comes your home is one of a few, rather than one of many.   The chances of a sale increase.

David Sinish is a Realtor® with Realty Works, LLC at 124 Main Street in Canton. He is very willing to provide assistance with any real estate matters or questions.   Please feel free to call at 860-922-6170

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Capitol Connection: Support ‘Small Business Saturday’

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, and supporting them is vital to supporting a healthy economy and way of life.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2014 report, Connecticut has 329,307 small businesses that employ 710,034 people, or what was about half of the state’s private workforce in 2011. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: 1st Annual Turkey Shoot a Success

November 23, 2014 Opinion, Photos, Sports No Comments
The Canton Parks and Recreation Department recently hosted its 1st annual Turkey Shoot.

The Canton Parks and Recreation Department recently hosted its 1st annual Turkey Shoot.

Canton Parks and Recreation Department’s first annual Turkey Shoot Basketball Contest was a success! Canton youth and their parents teamed up for some foul shooting fun for a chance to win a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Gift cards were generously donated to this event by Shop Rite of Canton.

The recipients included Jack Dendinger (6th place), Kennedy Mitchell (5th place), Tyler Rottkamp (4th place), Chelsea Mitchell (3rd place), John Rottkamp (2nd place), and Artie Hayes (1st place)!

We would also like to thank all the families that donated canned goods which will go to families in need this Thanksgiving season. We appreciate everyone that came out and are looking forward to next year’s event.

To view upcoming events and programs please visit us at www.cantonrec.org or call the Parks and Recreation Office at 860-693-5808.

Joshua T. Medeiros, Director of Parks and Recreation


… Continue Reading

Canton Real Estate Notes: November 2014

November 16, 2014 Opinion, Real Estate No Comments
David Sinish

David Sinish

By David Sinish 

Most of the Real Estate news that we hear and read is on a national level. That certainly is designed to get our attention and provides information on a large scale. What really matters is what is going on in Canton and our neighboring towns. It has long been said that the real estate market is local, and that is very true

Here is the local news for Canton.  

September was an incredibly good month for Canton with a large number of sales and five sales over $600,000. October paled in comparison. All statistical comparisons reflect this. … Continue Reading


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