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Letter to the Editor: Witkos is the Real Deal

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Senator Kevin Witkos for reelection on November 4th. Senator Witkos has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to work across party lines to accomplish what is in the best interest of Canton. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Anonymous Proposal Undermines Open and Transparent Government

To the Editor,

The recent anonymous proposal for a town garage at 51 River Road, delivered to the town by State Senator Kevin Witkos, has afforded us the opportunity to ask ourselves how we want our local government to function. For the past several years, the hard working volunteers of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee, along with the past and present members of the Board of Selectmen, have explored over seventy sites to put a new public works facility. A year and a half ago, after the last referendum failed, the Board of Selectmen decided to go back to square one. First, we hired a new independent engineering firm to bring a fresh set of eyes to our analysis of potential sites and our specifications for the actual building. Second, in order to obtain a specific price before the referendum, we decided to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design and construction of a public works facility at 325 Commerce Drive. The RFP also allowed bidders to propose a facility on an alternative site just in case a developer could come up with a location that the PMBC and our engineering consultants had not previously considered. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Melissa Osborne

This November we’ll have the opportunity to judge how our current State Senator, Kevin Witkos, has served us, and to assess his personal interests and affiliations.  I have made that assessment and find that I will vote for Melissa Osborne as the new State Senator from the 8th District.

The state election process provides  us with the opportunity to replace those who once seemed to be responsive and seemed to share our values, but no longer do.   Mr. Witkos’ values are no longer in the mainstream of the citizenry of Connecticut and the 8th Senate District. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: First Selectman, BOF Chair Respond to Daniels’ Letter on Public Works Garage

To the Editor:

In his letter to Canton Compass, Lou Daniels questions why the Town should proceed with the construction of a new public works garage until it is explained how the Town intends to “solve the Collinsville Fire Station issue.” Thankfully, as a former member of the Board of Selectman from 1992 to 1997, Mr. Daniels recognizes that there is no disputing that Canton needs a new public works garage.

Background on the capital planning process is outlined here to provide more context on how projects have been identified and prioritized. In 2011, the Board of Finance requested that the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Education collaboratively develop a plan and priorities for the bonding of future capital projects identified by these boards. This action was taken based on the Board of Finance’s recognition that not all projects could be funded, but several top priorities could be addressed as the Town’s bonding debt on prior projects was being paid off and current bonding rates were favorably low. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Support the Garage Proposal — Last-Minute ‘Design’ is a Red Herring

To the Editor:

The Town’s proposal for the new garage makes complete sense, and the recent controversy introduced by a last-second, un-vetted “design”, supported in a recent letter by Lou Daniels’ letter, only distracts from the truth. I can’t disagree more with Mr. Daniels.  The “new” proposal is a terrible idea, and serves only to distract from a long, thorough search of sites, which did include the River Road location.  Funny how the proponents didn’t attach their names to the plans and “anonymously” dropped them into Kevin Witkos’ lap — and Kevin delivered it as such.   … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Melissa Osborne

To the Editor:

The choice for 8th Senate District race could not be more clear. If it’s important to the people of our district, Mr. Witkos votes against it.

He voted against statewide healthcare, against minimum wage increases, against funding for veterans programs and against providing emergency contraception options to sexual assault victims. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Melissa Osborne Gets My Vote

To the Editor:
In the race for the Connecticut eighth Senatorial seat, Melissa Osborne gets my vote.  She will advocate for women’s rights and health.  Our incumbent senator voted in 2007 against providing sexual assault victims with emergency contraception options. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Town Garage/Collinsville Firehouse, Can Project Consolidation Save $$?

To the Editor:

There is no disputing that Canton needs a new town garage. The Selectman have worked tirelessly in trying to solve that problem. As a former Selectman I appreciate their work and recognize the difficulty they face in balancing town needs with the budget.

The latest proposal about to go before the voter’s this November calls for the Town Garage to be built on a site at the Canton Industrial Park. In the minds of many however the best parcel to build a new Town Garage is on River Road next to the Police Station. Through paid analysis the architects have indicated the River Road location, as currently configured is too small a parcel to house the Garage building. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Melissa Osborne

To the Editor:

Melissa is a hard-working and successful professional.   She has a wealth of experience, having dedicated her entire career to advocating for what is right.  She has built consensus and conciliation as a corporate lawyer and now as a solo practitioner and advocate for families and children.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Don’t just think of the Town Garage by the Farmington River in Canton

To the Editor:

I am going to vote to support the referendum on Nov. 4, to fund a new town garage to be located in the Canton Industrial Park.   The existing Garage is too small for storage of trucks and equipment; the repair/replacement cost for these assets is not economically prudent. The facility cannot hold enough sand, salt and other materials so hundreds of supply trips are required each year costing time and fuel. The list of inefficiencies and unsafe working conditions is long. The old barn that has been added onto again and again just cannot adequately service the needs of Canton today let alone the future.

This is not the first proposal for a new town garage.   Since the 2013 proposal, about 19% of the cost has been reduced by the redesign and elimination of many elements. This is a now a good proposal and right for Canton.

The current site on the banks of the Farmington is within a flood plain, and there is no room for expansion. Plans are to make a park along the river so Canton can reclaim the Farmington as a resource for all to enjoy and access. A riverbank should not be a place where one has to avoid moving dump trucks and construction vehicles.  Canton has recently shown a great passion for the Farmington.     Vote to continue its protection.

David Sinish



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