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Letter to the Editor: Likely the Most Practical Solution

November 1, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

I am not a member of Canton GOES and although I reside on Gracey Road I am fairly certain I am not one of those Chablis swilling elites.

I am not a member of NOOR but I remember when Mr. Barlow appreciated Mr. First being a loyal mouthpiece. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: New Garage at Riverside Site is In the Town’s Worst Interests

To the Editor:

I am compelled by my responsibilities as a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee for over twelve years, to say that building a new garage on the current riverside site is in the worst interest of both Canton’s taxpayers and Public Works employees.

The Building Committee emphatically urges against rebuilding here. You can read the list of reasons why in our memo to the BOS, but just these two should be enough: … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Despite ‘Canton GOES’ Assertions, Town is to Blame for 11th Hour Comments

To the Editor:

The Town has finally replied via the Canton Compass to one of the “11th hour” comments made by concerned citizens at the Town meeting held last Wednesday to discuss the garage referendum scheduled for the Nov. 8th ballot.

Oh, you didn’t see it?

That’s because under the State Election Regulatory Commission (SERC) rules, the Town is prohibited from advocating for any question scheduled to be voted on at a town referendum once the ballot has been set.

Their mouthpiece is the PAC “Canton GOES.” … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Cannot Support Compromised Facility at Existing Site

To the Editor:  

I have been a member of the Permanent Municipal Building Committee for the past seventeen years. The past eight to ten years have been primarily devoted to finding the best solution/location for a new Town Garage. I find it numbing that the Selectmen would totally ignore and circumvent the recommendations of the PMBC primarily “to put this issue to bed”.  Although I understand the desperate need for a new Town Garage, I cannot support building a compromised facility at the existing site. There are better solutions available. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Be Fooled Again

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the Canton Compass, Brian First incorrectly asserted that the PAC “Not On Our River” prefers the Cadle/Mitchell VW property on Route 44 as the alternate location for the garage. “Not On Our River” is NOT supporting any particular alternate location – it supports defeating the referendum because the Farmington River is the worst location for the garage  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: We Do Not Want Our Garage on Our River

To the Editor:

It is a matter of record that part of the proposal for the new town garage is to raise the structure by one (1) foot to bring it above the 100 year flood plain. At the informational meeting on Oct. 26th I asked if anyone knew what the high water mark for the flood of “55” was, none of the board of selectmen knew; Mr. Barlow was kind enough to enlighten everyone, thank you Richard. Water from the Farmington rose to near the peak of the building that is now Dent-fix at the intersection of Maple Ave. and River Rd., this being the case do you think Mother Nature will avoid our garage the next time around? … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Not The Right Project, Place or Price

To the Editor:

This is definitely NOT the right project, NOT at the right place, and NOT for the right price.  I am disappointed that our town will once again be so shortsighted to let an irreplaceable part of Canton be developed inappropriately.  The Board of Selectman in 2008 initiated a site selection process to RELOCATE the DPW site since it currently sits in a flood plain.  Previous votes have failed in large part due to the cost of the project NOT the proposed alternative locations.  This is definitely NOT the right price…$3.8 million to have a building and equipment sitting in the middle of a flood plain?!  That is just ridiculous! … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Nothing Is Risk Free

October 31, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum 1 Comment

To the Editor:

Letter to the Editor: In Response to Hope Is Not a Strategy – Lets Rebuild At the Existing Site

Nothing in life is absolutely risk-free and we deal with risk using insurance.

The town is fully insured for damage at the existing town garage.

Current coverage has a $500,000 deductible. Once the new building is constructed and raised above the 100 year flood elevation the deductible will drop to about $50,000.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Time to Give DPW a Safe and Efficient Workplace

To the Editor:

Driving home on the unexpectedly icy roads Thursday afternoon it was such a relief to cross into Canton where streets had been plowed and treated! It is a testament to the quality of our DPW team, their professionalism and work ethic, that despite working from an antiquated horse barn in sub optimal conditions, they take such good care of our town. Now it’s time for the town to repay that respect and service by giving the DPW a facility that provides a safe and efficient place to work. We need to move forward now. The town DPW doesn’t deserve to have to wait any longer to have safe work environment.  … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Not On Our River Supporters Finally Reveal New Town Garage Location – A Contaminated Chemical Dump in the Worst Traffic Area in Canton

To the Editor:

Throwing an 11th hour diversion into the mix of our town garage referendum is nothing new, but this one is almost hard to believe. In fact, this only helps to demonstrate the lack of other suitable locations and that re-building the garage at the existing location is the best solution for our taxpayers.  Former First Selectman Dick Barlow’s suggestion that the garage should be built on the contaminated Mitchell Volkswagen site by the Shoppes on Route 44 is particularly short-sighted and disturbing.  His own prior knowledge of the many issues with that site should have logically prevented identifying it as an alternative, as was the case during his time in office.  Our exceedingly patient DPW staff would find out that things could in fact go from bad to worse.  A review of the facts shows why this is likely the worst location ever suggested from an economic, environmental, access and safety standpoint.    … Continue Reading


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