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Letter to the Editor: Rebuilding Town Garage on River Contradicts Town’s Vision

September 19, 2016 Government, Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor:

Still on the river?

This contradicts the Town vision for enhancing our famed resource.

Yes. We need a new Town Garage.  Our fine staff works diligently to keep our roads safe.  They and their machines are currently housed in a disintegrating building which does not protect them or the Town’s investment in very expensive vehicles.

But where should we put the new facility?  Some say, Well, it has always been near the river and that hasn’t been a problem.

Just because we have not properly cared for our valuable natural resource – our river – in the past, is no excuse for continuing to encroach on it and diminish it from being used as a recreational treasure. … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Not an Option

September 14, 2016 Opinion, Referendum No Comments

To the Editor

NOT an option.  The Farmington River should not be compromised because 50 Old River Road is perceived to be the only site for the town garage.

I can think of two iconic images that frame the upper Collinsville Pond.

Picture Town Bridge at dawn with the mist rising off the river as a great blue heron takes flight.  On the opposite end, picture the spillway of the dam framed by the red ax factory buildings of the Collins Company. This section of the river is what defines our village. … Continue Reading

First Selectman’s Corner: Staying Safe and Walking for Food and Fuel

September 14, 2016 Community, Government, Opinion No Comments

Dear Canton Residents,

I hope you are enjoying these last days of the summer season. I wanted to share a few important community items with you.

This Saturday, September 17th is FOCUS on Canton’s 7th Annual Walk for Food and Fuel. The walk starts and ends at Canton High School, and registration is at 8:30 a.m. You can get more information and register on-line at www.FocusOnCanton.org. All proceeds will go to the Canton Food Bank and Canton Fuel Bank, which provide important assistance to our neighbors in need. I hope to see many residents there!
… Continue Reading

Letter: Farmington River Site Not Appropriate for Public Works Garage

September 12, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor:

I am writing as a citizen of Canton about the issue of the best site in Canton for rebuilding or relocating the Department of Public Works garage, which is presently located near the Farmington River in Collinsville.

The important consideration is the wellbeing of Town employees working in an old building that has safety concerns. Also, there is no question that the garage, located in the flood plain, is not adequate for maintenance and protection of expensive equipment. … Continue Reading

Canton Real Estate Notes: It’s a Local Market

September 12, 2016 Opinion, Real Estate No Comments
David Sinish

David Sinish

By David Sinish 

It is important to remember that the real estate market is a local one. Although national news is what we hear and read in the media, local statistics are most meaningful to local buyers and sellers. It is certainly very true that different regions reflect regional activity.  For instance, real estate sales and prices are increasing dramatically throughout the central region of our country due to the increases in the energy industries.

How did the Canton market fare in the past twelve months compared with the previous twelve months?

The number of sales reduced by 4.7 percent to 122, median sales price reduced by 2.2 percent to $317,000, median sales price per square foot are down 3.4 percent to $141.92, and days on market increased from 44 to 47.   It is important to remember that these are the “median” numbers with half of sales above this number and half below There are different numbers for different homes reflecting different price ranges, various sizes, features and locations.  Should you require more detailed information, please let me know.
… Continue Reading

Canton Real Estate Notes: Sept. 1, 2016

September 2, 2016 Opinion, Real Estate No Comments
David Sinish

David Sinish

By David Sinish

What is For Sale in Canton, as of Sept. 1. How many, in which price range? How does this inventory compare with last year?

As of 9/1/2016 there were 68 Single Family Homes listed FOR SALE in Canton, which is three lower than last year.  In addition, are 10 homes or lots that are in the process of being built, (but listed as “Active” in the Multiple Listing Service).    … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Canton Needs a Garage and Its Riverfront

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor:

Canton should think long-term when locating its new Public Works garage, because it will be there for many generations (at least 75 years, town officials say).

Fortunately, Canton already has been thinking long-term, and for a long time:  for 30 years, every town plan and study has insistently called for moving the garage off this prime riverfront site.

Now is our window of opportunity – and our responsibility – to fulfill these plans that Canton residents created, paid for, and approved: … Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: We Don’t Have to Build on the River

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor:

Canton is my hometown.  While I moved away when I was 22, I have many fond memories, and I return from time to time to visit my parents who still live there after 53 years.

Thus, it was with sadness that I recently learned that the Board of Selectman has proposed to re-build the town garage on its existing site along the Farmington River.

The Farmington River is big part of what made, and makes, Canton special for me.  It is a beautiful part of the town’s landscape, and it is wonderful to walk along or tube down.

I don’t want the garage to interfere with the beauty and recreational opportunities of the river.  It would be particularly unfortunate to saddle the river with an unsightly structure when there are other places in town where the new garage could be built.

We don’t have to build the garage on the river, and we shouldn’t.

Daniel Small 

Letter to the Editor: The BOS Granted us Suffrage

September 1, 2016 Opinion No Comments

To the Editor: (In reference to 8-31 Board of Selectmen Meeting)

Our Town’s best decisions are based upon peacefully gathering an accurate understanding of all the important facts and thoughtfully weighing those facts in an evenhanded manner. Not on Our River’s one-sided lobbying threatens that “delicate balance.”

At last week’s meeting I handed out an analysis of NOOR as a PAC that debunked their propaganda and revealed the manipulative nature of their presentations.

I also performed a Saul Alinsky-inspired morality play featuring my Grandma as spokesperson to present the Suffering Brothers’ case and to remind us all of the violence of sharp words of the type NOOR has lashed our Selectmen with for months.

… Continue Reading

September is National Preparedness Month

August 16, 2016 Community, Fire, Opinion, Police No Comments

Submitted Release 

The Town of Canton’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is reminding everyone that September is National Preparedness Month.

Throughout the month of September, CERT Members will be available to local groups, including housing complexes and condo associations, town and school groups, girl and boy scouts, churches and non-profit organizations to come out and speak about preparedness, offering resources and advice in regard to sheltering in place or making the decision to leave when faced with weather-related disasters.

This educational outreach campaign coincides with FEMA’s annual National Emergency Preparedness Month theme of “Should I Stay or Should I Go”.  Presentations can be catered to fit a variety of settings and populations. Groups interested in inviting CERT Members to present should email Member Kevin Bradley at Bradley_kevinp@msn.com. … Continue Reading


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