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Witkos, LeGeyt to Host ‘Town Hall’ Meeting in Canton

Submitted Release 

Canton – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-8) and Representative Tim LeGeyt (R-17) are hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Canton on April 7, 2016 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Canton Community Center, Room F located at 40 Dyer Avenue, Canton.

The lawmakers will discuss the 2016 legislative session and open up the conversation to hear directly from constituents. The event is open to the public. Due to the possibility of being called into session, check www.SenatorWitkos.com or www.RepLeGeyt.com for any cancellations prior to the scheduled meeting date. For more information about the meeting contact Chris Diorio at 860-240-8801 or chris.diorio@cga.ct.gov.

Capitol Connection: State Spending Cap Needs Real Teeth

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

Connecticut is facing a financial crisis. With tax increase after tax increase followed by deficit after deficit we’re stuck in a cycle of bad policy and out of control budgeting.

To put our state back on right track we need to take major steps to budget better, spend smarter and find efficiencies.

One of the first steps we can take to change the direction of our state is to put in place an enforceable state spending cap. The state needs to live within its means. Just like any household budget, we need to manage our money while knowing our limits.

You may be thinking: doesn’t Connecticut already have a spending cap? … Continue Reading

Candidates Sought for Pending BOE, BOF Vacancies

November 11, 2015 Government, Politics, Schools No Comments

Town and School officials have begun sending out notices for pending vacancies created by the recent election.

Leslee Hill’s new position as First Selectman will soon create a vacancy on the Board of Education, while Beth Kandrysawtz’s position on the Board of Selectmen will create an open seat on the Board of Finance.

Additionally, Arnold Goldman’s election to the Board of Finance will create a vacancy on the Board of Assessment Appeals.

The new positions are effective Nov. 17.

… Continue Reading

Leslee Hill Wins First Selectman’s Race, Republicans Increase BOS Majority

First Selectman Candidates Republican Leslee Hill and Democrat Tom Sevigy, with moderator Libby Swietek. Contributed Photo

Republican Leslee Hill and Democrat Tom Sevigny, with moderator Libby Swietek at a recent Canton LWV forum. Hill won the race Tuesday but Sevigny remains on the board. 
Contributed Photo

Leslee Hill won the first selectman’s race in Canton Tuesday, while her fellow Republicans won a clear majority on the board.

Hill received 1,218 votes, while Democratic First Selectman Thomas Sevigny received 955. He, however, will still be seated on the board of selectman for a four-year term. Republican Beth Kandrysawtz, who was running uncontested, received 1,483 votes and will also be seated for a four-year term.

“While I am disappointed by the results, I am proud of the effort all our candidates and volunteers put forth. I look forward to working with the new members of the Board of Selectmen to help the Town of Canton forge a bright future.”

Republicans also took both two-year selectman positions, according to preliminary results with William Canny receiving 1,105 votes and Larry Minichiello garnering 1,049. Falling short were Democrats William Volovski (1,000) and Michael Pendell (684) and Green Party Candidate Benedict Holden (263). … Continue Reading

Barlow, Three Other Selectmen Confirm They are Not Seeking Re-Election

Richard Barlow

Richard Barlow

First Selectman Richard Barlow has formally announced that he won’t be seeking re-election this fall. Additionally, three other board members have also confirmed they will not be running again.

“It was a privilege to be first selectman,” said Barlow, who has held the post since 2007. “It was really an honor to work with the different members of the board. At this point in time, I was ready to retire and move on to private life.”

Barlow previously served on the Zoning Commission and spent more than 34 years working at what is now the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

On Thursday, fellow Republican selectmen Stephen Roberto and David Gilchrist Jr.  confirmed they will not be seeking re-election. Lowell Humphrey, who is unaffiliated, also said he is not running again. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: Why We Deserve a ‘Right to Try’

State Sen. Kevin Witkos

State Sen. Kevin Witkos

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

When facing a life threatening disease, I don’t believe anyone or anything should stand in the way of treatment, even if that treatment is not the most obvious, popular or relied upon solution.

That’s why I’m cosponsoring a bill that would give people the “right to try” experimental drugs in the state of Connecticut.

Five states have “right to try” laws (Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan and Missouri), and 24 states are debating similar legislation, including CT.

The proposed bill before the state legislature, H.B. No. 6709 An Act Concerning the Right to Try Experimental Drugs, would allow patients to receive treatment with an investigational drug, biological product or device once specific conditions are met. Investigational drugs and products are treatments that have completed phase 1 of a clinical trial, but have not yet completed the FDA approval. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: Why Probate Court Cuts are Bad News for CT

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

When any governor releases a biennial budget proposal it sometimes takes a fine tooth comb to fully uncover and understand all the changes being proposed.

Deep within the budget this year, buried in an appendix section, one significant hidden cut emerged. This $32 million cut was no trivial reduction in funding. Rather, it was the outright elimination of state funds for Connecticut’s Probate Court system, a cut that would seriously cripple vital social services if passed into law.

The Probate Court system in Connecticut is responsible for overseeing a wide range of issues. Traditionally, the system handles issues of probate, administration of estates, wills and distribution of assets. In recent years, the system has also handled cases involving children or adults who need to be cared for by others. This includes issues related to mental health, absent parents, adoptions, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: A Budget Built on Broken Promises

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

Budgets should never be balanced on broken promises. Sadly, that is exactly what the governor has done.

Last week Governor Malloy unveiled his two year budget proposal totaling almost $40 billion.  This budget burdens taxpayers with over $915 million worth of new tax increases, and eliminates essential tax exemptions Connecticut families and businesses were counting on.

Most offensive is the plan to eliminate a scheduled tax exemption on clothing under $50. This exemption would make essentials like children’s clothing more affordable for Connecticut families, especially those most in need. While the governor eliminated this tax exemption years ago, he proudly campaigned on the fact that he would restore the tax break this year. But now this promise is out the window. In addition, the governor also wants to lower the threshold for the sales tax free week from $300 to $100, meaning much less will be eligible for that special back-to-school savings many families rely on. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: Prioritizing Transportation

February 12, 2015 Politics, State Capitol No Comments
State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

For hundreds of years our state has not properly funded transportation. As a result, we are faced with crumbling roads and bridges, deteriorating infrastructure, and a weak public transportation system.

This year, the governor has pledged that he will make transportation a priority for our state. I applaud those efforts, but am wary of exactly how the governor will fund his plans.

I don’t want to see a large tax increase. I don’t want to see tolls. I don’t want Connecticut families and employers to face any new burdens to fix a problem that has persisted in our state for generations.

That’s why I am happy to share an alternative – a Republican plan that can fund huge transportation projects without tolls and without new taxes. “Prioritize Progress,” a plan announced this week by GOP lawmakers, reprioritizes how we currently spend and borrow to make sure transportation is not ignored. … Continue Reading

Capitol Connection: An Invisible Danger

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

State Sen. Kevin Witkos.

From the Office of State Senator Kevin Witkos

About 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies. We’re familiar with the effects of many of these. For example, pollen can cause severe congestion, cat dander can cause itching, and peanuts can cause hives and even anaphylaxis – a life threatening reaction. But how familiar are you with the effects of a latex allergy? And how sensitive and dangerous is this allergen really?

I recently learned about latex allergies at a public hearing at the state Capitol before the Connecticut General Law Committee. Up for discussion was a bill proposing a new law that would prohibit the use of latex gloves at food businesses. The purpose of the bill: to prevent latex particles from coming into contact with food in restaurants, stores, and manufacturing establishments. … Continue Reading


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