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Canton Real Estate Notes: What is For Sale as of Dec. 1

David Sinish

David Sinish

Submitted by David Sinish

Most of the Real Estate news that we hear and read is on a national basis. That certainly is designed to get our attention, but is it pertinent to us?   What really matters is what is going on in Canton and our neighboring towns. It has long been said that the real estate market is local, and that is very true

Here is the local news.  

What is For Sale in Canton, as of December 1st, and how does that compare with last month, last year? How many, in which price range?

As of 12/1/2014 there were 89 Single Family Homes listed FOR SALE in Canton, Down 3% from last month, and UP 3% from 12/1/2013. Included within the 12/1/2014 numbers are 17 properties identified as “lots or” being built””.

PRICE RANGE                        NUMBER

<$200,000                             5

$200,000s                             19

$300,000’s                           19

$400,000’s                            9

$500,000’s                            13

>600,000’s                            24

Total                                       89

There also 21 Condominiums for Sale and 6 Residential Rental Units listed on the MLS.

The November sales results will be finalized about the 12th of December. Look for those results in the “Canton Real Estate Notes”

The number of homes for sale in Avon, Barkhamsted, Burllington, Canton, Farmington, Granby, New Hartford and Simsbury were 754 as of December 1, 201, 4 decreases from the 881 as of November 1, 2014, and the 920 as of October 1 2014.

These statistics are based on information provided to and compiled by the Connecticut Multiple Listings Service, Inc. as of 12/1/2014.

A Seasonal Note

At this time of year many folks are thinking of not listing their properties until the Spring, not expecting a sale during the Winter. Something to consider is that during the winter there are less homes for sale so when a buyer comes your home is one of a few, rather than one of many.   The chances of a sale increase.

David Sinish is a Realtor® with Realty Works, LLC at 124 Main Street in Canton. He is very willing to provide assistance with any real estate matters or questions.   Please feel free to call at 860-922-6170

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