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Canton Girls Lacrosse Team Sees the Positive in First Loss

April 30, 2016 Schools, Sports No Comments

The Canton girls weren’t expected to be victorious against Fairfield Warde on Saturday afternoon and yet they couldn’t wait to take on the tougher, Class L team.

“This is a game I think that we’ve been all super excited about to just kind of see where we’re at as a program,” said coach Sean Cole. … Continue Reading

Parents Receive Tips for ‘Navigating the Teen Years in a Society that Never Sleeps’

April 30, 2016 Community, Schools No Comments
Geoff Genser talks to local parents about teens. Photo by John Fitts

Geoff Genser talks to local parents about teens.
Photo by John Fitts

By John Fitts

CANTON – Parents are all too well aware that their children’s school and academic lives are drastically different from their own experiences.

But while there are a multitude of modern stresses to compound age-old challenges, there are some techniques parents can use to help their teens cope.

Some seemingly simple, but not always easy, ideas include asking adolescents to share a positive experience from their day, inquiring about 7th grade dating life and even tougher issues, easing the pressures about getting into the right college and getting them to take a break from smartphones and social media.

Facilitators at a recent teen parenting forum had these suggestions and a wealth of others to help teens reduce their level of stress, a huge factor in many of today’s social and emotional issues.

The forum, “Navigating the Teen Years in a Society that Never Sleeps,” co-sponsored by the Canton Schools, Canton Youth Services Bureau and the League of Women Voters of Canton, was recently held at Canton Middle School. Professionals from the Family Resource and Development Center of West Hartford, along with Student Services Personnel for Canton Middle and High Schools, presented the program.

“What we’re all seeing in our homes, and resonating at school, is a heightened level of stress,” Canton High School principal Drew DiPippo said at the beginning of the evening. The challenge, he added, is how to deal with that. … Continue Reading

Canton Athletic Booster Club Funds Banners at Canton Middle/High School Campus

April 27, 2016 Community, Schools No Comments
Arnold Orde works on hanging one of the banners. Photo by John Fitts

Arnold Orde works on hanging one of the banners.
By Photo by John Fitts

By John Fitts

CANTON — Thanks to funds supplied by the Canton Athletic Booster Club, several new banners have added a new look to the Canton Middle/High School campus.

The banners are hung from light poles near the school exit and entrances as well as the vicinity of the track and multi-field facility. They include a variety of messages of logos and academic, athletic and inspirational themes. Those include “Home of the Warriors, “Pursue Excellence” and “Commit to Integrity.” The banners dovetail on other recent efforts, such as upgraded banners in the gymnasium.

“The Booster Club thought that the addition of the banners on the light posts outside would be a nice addition to the improvements that have already been made,” said booster club president Ann Bonini.  “They welcome everyone, let them know we are the home of the Warriors, and shows pride in not only the school but the athletic program. ”

While some of the banners are more academic in nature, Bonini said they also dovetail nicely with recent sports successes and a push to add more signage and banners throughout the school.

“The athletic department at CHS got some long overdue attention from the new administration and the Board of Education,” Bonini said. “In the past few years, there has been a transformation at Canton High School. Starting with the addition of the beautiful track and field, I think the school, the administration and most importantly the athletes started to feel a sense of pride. New uniforms have been purchased and fields and facilities improved. Craig DeAngelis, the athletic director, has also worked very hard making sure the inside of the school also shows that sense of pride.  There are signs all around the school with the Canton logo and the gymnasium has all new updated state championship and conference banners.  There were some individual players and teams that had won state titles years ago that had not received a banner recognizing their achievements.  The Booster Club helped with the funding of replacing and updating all those banners last fall.” … Continue Reading

Cherry Brook Team Claims First Albany Turnpike Chess Challenge

April 26, 2016 Community, Schools No Comments
Members of the Cherry Brook Primary School Chess Club. Submitted Photo

Members of the Cherry Brook Primary School Chess Club.
Submitted Photo

Submitted Article

On a warm and sunny afternoon, 14 students from Cherry Brook Primary School in Canton and 3 students from Canton Intermediate School traveled a few miles east on Route 44 to meet up with their peers from Roaring Brook School in Avon for the 1st Annual Albany Turnpike Chess Challenge.

The evening was started off by well-known chess guru, David Aldi, who is the inimitable coach of Roaring Brook’s Chess Club. Before starting he explained a few strategic and complicated chess maneuvers to the audience of over 50 students and adults.

Upon finishing the explanation, Aldi, had 17 members from Roaring Brook line up against 17 chess strategists from Cherry Brook Primary School ranging in age from 6 to 9 and the friendly competition began.  The moderators from both schools checked moves and substantiated claims of checkmate. By the time the dust settled, the students from Cherry Brook came out on top edging Roaring Brook in their first Chess Challenge by a score of 32-26.  … Continue Reading

Images of Canton: An Evening of Percussion 2016

The Canton High School Percussion Ensemble recently presented the 4th Annual Evening of Percussion, directed by Artist in Residence Bob Rush. The evening featured the ensemble as well as a myriad of middle- and high-school groups. Selections included

  • Crescendo for Percussion by Alexander Lepak – Symphonic Band Percussion
  • Mi Milagro by Ralph Hicks – Seventh Grade Percussion
  • Afterthoughts by Alice Gomez – Percussion Ensemble
  • We Work the Black Seam by Sting, Arrangement Bob Rush – Eighth Grade Percussion
  • The Rock Syndicate by Murray Houllif – Freshmen Percussion
  • Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber – Canton High School Percussion
  • Tell it all Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays arr. Bob Rush – Percussion Ensemble
  • Music for Pieces of Wood by Stephen Reich – Rowan Cookman, Mia Tuccillo, John Solomon, Zach Oliver, Jacob Allen.
  • Wildwood for Percussion Ensemble by Matt Bissonnette arr. Paul Rennick – Entire Cast

Community Mourns Death of Local 7th Grader

April 24, 2016 Fire, Police, Schools No Comments

Editor’s Note: This young girl’s identity is common knowledge in town and is being reported elsewhere but Canton Compass has still decided to withhold her name at this time. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

CANTON – The local community is reeling with the tragic news that a local 7th grader died from injuries sustained in a tragic incident Sunday afternoon.

“I’m writing to share some very sad news with you this morning,” Superintendent Kevin Case wrote in an email message to parents. “Last evening, (the girl), a 7th grader at Canton Middle School, passed away suddenly in a tragic accident. Mrs. Pamela Hamad, Canton Middle School Principal, and her teachers described (her) as ‘a sweet young woman who was a wonderful and true friend,’ ‘She was extremely hard working and always did her best in the classroom, on the field hockey team, and in band.’ She will be dearly missed’ . . .” … Continue Reading

Students at Stepping Stones Receive Earth Day Present

Students at Stepping Stones Educational Center, many of whom had recently protested tree cutting by Eversource, received an Earth Day surprise on Friday.

Everscource representatives came to the school and delivered 48 tree seedlings, school officials said.

The students had recently chanted “Save Our Trees Please” as crews across the street cut several trees near power lines across the street on Route 44.

One of the young trees was planted at the school on Friday and students each took one home.

“We want you to know that these kids did make a difference,” Stepping Stones owner Rob Amrein and Director LaNelle Stanhope wrote in a letter home to parents.

Eversource has received some criticism for aggressive trimming and cutting along roadways but the company said some trees can wreck havoc on the electric system. The company said it seeks to strike a balance.

See our original story here, as well as a related letter to the editor.

The Ellis Island Experience Comes to Life for Canton Fourth Graders

April 20, 2016 Community, Photos, Schools No Comments

For more photos, visit https://johnfitts.smugmug.com or click on the above photo.

It’s become a Canton Intermediate School tradition and on Tuesday local fourth-grade “immigrants”  continued that wave as they came to Ellis Island in hopes of fulfilling the American dream.

During the exercise, students learn a little bit about what it was like for the estimated 12 million immigrants who, between 1892 and 1954, came through the New York Bay island on their way to other locales in the United States. … Continue Reading

Canton High School Students Observe National Day of Silence

April 18, 2016 Community, Schools No Comments
Students form an energy circle prior to "breaking the silence. Photo by Kasey Charron

Students form an energy circle prior to “breaking the silence.
Photo by Kasey Charron

By Kasey Charron

On Friday April 8, the hallways of Canton High School were significantly quieter as approximately 80 students chose to participate in National Day of Silence.

During the National Day of Silence, officially observed on April 15 during Canton’s Spring Break, students across the nation choose to avoid communication in an effort to spread awareness of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) voices that are often silenced by harassment – or worse.

Throughout the day, many students reported that remaining silent can be difficult and intrusive on schoolwork.

“In past years, I have always just felt that I just couldn’t talk to my friends and that the day was really just a social barrier,” said four-year participant Gabby Manna. “This year, however, I’m one of the yearbook editors and today was our last day to work on the yearbook, and I had so many things that I had to say, and explain to people what to do but I couldn’t really communicate well. Because so many people are silenced there are things that can’t get done, which was really eye opening for me.”

… Continue Reading

Walter Dylag of Canton Earns an Academic Award at SUNY Canton

April 14, 2016 Schools No Comments

Submitted Release 

CANTON, NY — Walter T. Dylag of Canton will earn an academic award during the SUNY Canton Sheldon Katz Honors Convocation at 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 20, in Roos House Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center.

Dylag earned the highest grade point average as a second semester freshman in SUNY Canton’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology Bachelor of Technology program.

Dylag is a 2015 graduate of Canton Central School.


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